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Concept Paper

Writing a Cover Letter for Your Manuscript

The main aim of the cover letter to the editor is to publish your paper to the journal in first attempt so you must write it nicely. Utmost care should be taken to attract the editor’s attention and provide a reason for sending your paper out for external peer review.

Tips for writing a good cover letter:

Address the editor-in-chief (EIC) by name which implies that you know the journal’s editorial committee and have bothered to check. Ensure that your letter is not too short or too long and that it does not simply repeat the abstract. Highlight the novel aspect of your work and why the journal readership would find this important. Indicate why this work fits the journal’s scope.

Make sure your cover letter contains these sentences: We confirm that this manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not currently under consideration by another journal. All authors have approved the manuscript and agree with its submission to this journal.

Manuscript submission and editorial handling

Choosing a suitable journal is an important aspect of publishing your scientific work. Therefore, you should check the aims, interests, scope, etc. of the journal in question. Follow the author guidelines to avoid delays because of the lack of adherence to journal submission instructions.

Once your manuscript is received by the online system, it will be scrutinized carefully by the editorial assistant. Then the EIC will assess your manuscript and, unless the work is very poor, will assign it to an associate editor who is a member of the editorial committee. The associate editor will assess the manuscript and the main decision at that stage will be to send it out for external peer review or to reject it without such a review. However, if your manuscript is deemed worthy of external peer review, then you have clearly attracted the attention of the editors and pitched the work to an appropriate journal, regardless of the final outcome.

Few Things before Starting a PhD

Not every one of the human beings is born with equal amount of capabilities. Every one cannot cope up with the irregularities and pressure being faced by them in their daily lives. If the existing research scholars across the world and across various domains are being looked at, then it can be seen that a big chunk of those people at some point of their lives turned out to be frustrated with their occupational life hazards, and in order to find a peaceful life, they chose to be a researcher. It can also be heard that, one who cannot prosper in their occupational lives, ventures in the world of research and academics. In several countries of the world, PhD students are looked down upon, as they are believed to be inferior to others, who are pursuing their carrier in the industrial world.

The world of research, notwithstanding the common belief of the industrial world, is a place, where one can nurture and develop the ideas in order to reshape the world. However, one should remember a few things before venturing into this world. First, this is a place, where no one is there to motivate. This is a place for those, who are self-motivated and are passionate about their works. Second, one should know to work as a team. Unless the ideas are shared and validated by others, knowledge creation can never take place. One should be able to disseminate the knowledge properly to the fellow colleagues. Third, more than hard work, sincerity and honesty is required towards the work, as falsification of information is never desirable by the world and society. Fourth, one should be able to welcome criticism, as this is the only way to improve the quality of a particular research work.

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What an Editor Seeks in Your Journals

It is obvious that an editor will look for high quality journals. However, most of the time, editors do not get such journals and they spend their time in making them better. Well, this is something that you, as an author, should avoid if you wish to consider your own journal for publication. Therefore, you need to think before starting the study for writing a journal. Most authors think that demonstrating extraordinary presentation skills can cover the mistake of not reading the literature vigilantly, using the right methodology, asking relevant questions, analyzing the results correctly, or making proper conclusions.

Another thing that a student must take care while writing a journal is to give a message that is new or interesting. It is important for a journal to have a message in two or three sentences, but it is vital to offer a new or probing message instead of a known or boring one. As a tip, keep in mind that you are writing a journal for addressing diverse naives, whether national or international. Therefore, it is essential to write for a reader who is new to the subject area by conveying the basic information, without losing its meaning and making it too clear that you have done so.