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PhD Dissertation Tutors

Dissertations are an integral part of any PhD course. When you pursue doctoral research in any academic area and from any reputed institution across the world, you will be asked to present a dissertation that meets the high-quality standards accepted internationally. There are certain norms that are prescribed by all colleges for the preparation of research reports, and the greatest concern of such institutions is making scholars abide by those rules. This is the reason why so few scholars manage to get their degrees at the end of their research.

We, at Chanakya Tutors, have designed a mentoring and tutorial service that will help scholars in understanding the requirements of their colleges, developing their dissertations accordingly, and attaining high grades. Personalized interaction with researchers is quintessential for our tutors to be able to bring out a good dissertation paper. Hence, we have a special team of PhD dissertation tutors who help in the development of valuable research reports while providing concrete and specific domain knowledge.

Right from the stage of finalizing a dissertation topic to defending a dissertation in front of your committee, our tutors help you deal with every roadblock you encounter. Their aim is to support you in creating such documents that are targeted towards you readers and are able to impress them with their clarity, readability, logic, and comprehensive nature. Thus, they give you the right tips that can mend and shape your content to become free of all types of errors. They also help you comply with all the professional style rules that are mandatory to follow if you have to clear your course successfully.

The guidance from our dissertation tutors can lead you to write every chapter in a structured manner. Our PhD dissertation tutors are skilled at teaching you the way you should best communicate your ideas and research story. They have a vast experience of working with scholars at leading colleges and thorough knowledge of effective research practices, thus ensuring success with research projects. With the knowledge of modern tools of research, they give valuable scholastic and holistic guidance to students. They provide individualized PhD dissertation mentoring services in USA to you for different purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Topic selection
  • Research design preparation
  • Finding and using the best literature sources
  • Explaining the research problem and hypothesis
  • Selecting the right sample and its size
  • Choosing the most relevant and apt methodology
  • Writing the dissertation chapters in a proper format
  • Help with data analysis and results discussion, along with the preparation of supporting tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, images, etc.
  • Supporting you with the best ways of presenting a flawless and original dissertation

Our process of mentoring is collaborative, and thus, needs the participation of scholars. While reviewing and giving a constructive feedback, our reviewer needs to fully understand the researcher’s document and scan it critically by analyzing the strength of his/her arguments and clarity in writing. The second step is to give appropriate and valuable constructive comments. The researcher, on the other hand, has the responsibility of making our mentor understand his/her objectives and of being open to any offered suggestions.

You can reach our tutors by sending an email at Our team will make the best efforts to help you attain your goals.

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