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Research Methodology Help

Choosing the right research methodology is one of the most important decisions you will make in your PhD dissertation. It will determine the course of your research and the likely outcome of your study. Our Research Methodology Help service can help you select a suitable methodology for your research objectives. We have a team of experienced methodologists who can guide you through the process of selecting the right methodology and developing a research plan.

Our Dissertation Methodology Consultation provide the following assistance:

  • Study the nature of research work and suggest a methodology accordingly

  • Explain the nuances of different research methodologies so that scholars may make comparisons and state the rationale for selecting a specific one

  • Help to frame the research design

  • Plan out the Data Analysis chapter by suggesting the tests to be applied and the modules to be constructed

At Chanakya Tutors, we provide comprehensive guidance on a crucial aspect of research. Our Dissertation Methodology Consultation assists scholars in defining their research problems clearly and shaping accurate hypotheses. They also help students establish the right context for their studies by aiding with sampling procedures and rationale setting. This early groundwork proves essential when it comes to crafting a robust Data Analysis chapter later on.

Our Research Methodology Help extends even to the proposal stage, recognizing the importance of clear methodology in study proposals. Our experienced team is well-versed in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. The former is often used in social research, while the latter is suitable for projects with a scientific foundation. While helping clients choose the appropriate methods, our tutors ensure they understand the reasoning behind those choices. This empowers them to effectively tackle their research problems and gather relevant data with confidence.

Apart from the above-mentioned basic classification, methodologies can also be branched as:

  • Experimental

  • Quasi Experimental

  • Meta-Analysis

In many cases, scholars may need to apply both qualitative and quantitative techniques through an approach called ‘triangulation.’ Whatever be the scenario, our team is well equipped to guide you with finesse.

Once the methods have been finalized, you will be clear on the technique to be used for data collection and analysis. Our research methodology help will also guide you regarding the tests you must use and the steps to follow for testing. They make sure that you end up choosing a reliable and valid methodology that can make your research work credible. You can avail our comprehensive and exclusive dissertation methodology help by clicking here to contact our team. You may also send us an email at

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