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Expert Dissertation Statistics Help from PhD Statistics Tutors

In the pursuit of your PhD degree, the task of creating a profoundly analytical and rigorously examined research paper takes center stage. This process entails the meticulous collection of data, followed by its careful simplification through data cleaning and analytics procedures. The subsequent step involves subjecting the data to thorough scrutiny using a variety of statistical tools, all with the ultimate aim of deriving accurate and meaningful results. While an array of statistical programs is available for conducting such tests, it’s essential to acknowledge that not all researchers possess a comprehensive understanding of these tools. As a consequence, the importance of seeking suitable PhD statistics help in navigating the intricacies of research statistics cannot be overstated.

Considering such requirements of research students, we have designed our specialized guidance service providing Dissertation Statistics Help to effectively handle every aspect of your study that demands the use of statistical tools and techniques. With our trained PhD statistics tutors for dissertation, we can guide students to select the right data collection, filtering, management, analysis, and presentation tools. We also help them comply with any statistical software usage guideline that their institutions may have provided. Our tutors give them sufficient knowledge on how and why some specific tools and tests are selected for their research and how they fit their study design.

Our specialized PhD statistics tutors have a reputation of possessing excellent teaching skills. They can help you with many aspects, such as:

  • Designing a proper survey or questionnaire

  • Choosing a sample and right sample size

  • Conducting a pilot study

  • Research design

  • Doing statistical tests

  • Using a statistical software

  • Interpreting results and presenting your statistical findings

Our PhD Statistics Help offers more than just statistical operations. Our statisticians will help you understand the concepts behind them, so you can learn them well and defend your analyses on the day you present them to your review board. We will identify the required skills and help you develop them. We will be in constant touch with you over the phone, email, or Skype until you have a complete understanding of the concepts.

The following are some of the common statistical methods that our statisticians use:

  • Mann-Whitney test




  • Power analysis

  • Factor analysis

  • Chi-square test

  • Correlation

  • Linear regression

  • Friedman’s test

  • HLM

  • Paired t-test

  • Cluster analysis

Our Dissertation Statistics Help tutors are proficient in using many more statistical methods than you may be aware of. They can assist you in developing several statistical considerations that you may not have thought of before. The statistical analysis process is a crucial part of all dissertations, and thus, ensuring complete accuracy in it is essential. Our PhD statisticians have adequate knowledge and expertise to guide scholars interactively. They can help you do precise testing and achieve usable information in terms of your findings. If you require immediate consultation from our experts, then send in your project details and data sources by emailing us at . We will get back to you immediately.

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