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What is the Role of a Dissertation Supervisor?

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Irrespective of the academic domains being exercised across the world, any research work being carried out by a researcher for the first time in life can never prove out to be successful devoid of the guidance of an experienced researcher or academician, who can supervise the research work to ensure the correctness of the study from all aspects. However, it is not a rare phenomenon to find out that most of the dissertation supervisors fail to carry out this duty properly, and as a result, the research outputs of the budding researchers fail to obtain the deserved prominence among the large community of researchers. Therefore, it is required that the dissertation supervisors take their responsibilities quite seriously, as fulfillment of their duties successfully can determine the career growth of the researchers working under their supervision.

A dissertation supervisor has to undertake a number of responsibilities, which they are expected to fulfill religiously. Following are some of those responsibilities:

  • A dissertation supervisor is required to review the dissertation prepared by the researcher, and as that is the first ever organized research work carried out by the candidate, there can be a number of flaws, which are needed to be rectified by the supervisor.
  • Apart from reviewing the research work, the supervisor is the primary person, with whom the researcher can discuss the ideas, which can possibly be incorporated in the research work. Now, the supervisor is the first person, who can verify and place arguments for and against the idea, so that it can be made more rigorous.
  • A supervisor is generally a senior researcher, who is exposed to various theoretical ideas and methodologies. It is his duty to teach the researcher about those, so that the researcher can apply that knowledge in the work undertaken.

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