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About Us

Chanakya Tutors is a unit of ELK Education Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (EECPL), India’s foremost education BPO. The company has a wide range of offerings for educational institutes. The team at EECPL works with the vision of establishing it as a preferred choice of every institute/university for outsourced academic activities. We persevere to bring in expertise and consistent quality in our service delivery and make the experience of our customers a delight.

Chanakya Tutors, on the other hand, is a dedicated arm of the company for providing personalized guidance to research scholars from various domains. The company helps in handling all types of research-related issues that PhD and Masters-level scholars may have. With a strong and qualified team of professional research consultants, we provide custom help and tutoring services in an interactive manner. Our procedure to address the queries and tasks of research students is simple. The following are the steps we follow to offer our tutoring services to researchers:

  • A tutoring schedule is made available, with the tutor’s name and area of expertise.

  • Researchers can choose a tutor based on the availability and requirement specifications.

  • An individual, as well as a group of students can avail this service, along with the service of writing coaches.

  • A congenial environment is set between the tutor and the researcher initially, and then, the task and objectives are identified.

  • These tasks are then divided into smaller parts and the agenda for each session is made up.

  • Once the paper is developed by the researcher, the mentor addresses the scope of the given task, provides a summary of the content, and gives valuable suggestions.

  • After various feedback sessions, a confirmation of final work is done. Then, the mentor and researcher continue to make more such agendas.

It must be noted that our tutors will not solve math and data analysis problems or provide exact materials required to complete the analysis; instead, they will provide adequate guidance to complete a researcher’s task or solve an issue in question. In general, they will guide students towards making a good research paper with clearly defined objectives, detailed research procedures, and a carefully planned research design. A researcher is directed towards making a report with accuracy and precision and with an adequate analysis of data, maintaining statistical significance.

At Chanakya Research, our tutors offer you valuable tips and tricks so you may develop an original and plagiarism-free thesis or dissertation. They support you in making your content clear, crisp, comprehensive, and meaningful for your target readers. Our timely services let you write your paper or perform your data analysis in a timely manner. Our guidance solutions also let you make your content flawless in terms of language and format. We make sure that we tutor you according to the rules and standards that have been suggested by your institution to follow.

Our writers and tutors are aware of all professional writing styles and have a complete command on the native language. Thus, you will not find anything less than the top-quality support for your trouble areas of research. We aim to provide end-to-end assistance to you, even at the time of urgency. It can help you handle your stress of coming up with impressive and presentable research reports and documents. Our client service team is also readily available to assist you at all times.

If you wish to know more about our processes and tutors, then click here to contact us now. You may also get in touch with our representatives by emailing at

  • The Chanakya Promise

    We guarantee interactive assistance for all subjects, at all stages of research work. You can reach our experts and ask queries and be assured of prompt solutions.

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