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What an Editor Seeks in Your Journals

Published under Concept Paper .

It is obvious that an editor will look for high quality journals. However, most of the time, editors do not get such journals and they spend their time in making them better. Well, this is something that you, as an author, should avoid if you wish to consider your own journal for publication. Therefore, you need to think before starting the study for writing a journal. Most authors think that demonstrating extraordinary presentation skills can cover the mistake of not reading the literature vigilantly, using the right methodology, asking relevant questions, analyzing the results correctly, or making proper conclusions.

Another thing that a student must take care while writing a journal is to give a message that is new or interesting. It is important for a journal to have a message in two or three sentences, but it is vital to offer a new or probing message instead of a known or boring one. As a tip, keep in mind that you are writing a journal for addressing diverse naives, whether national or international. Therefore, it is essential to write for a reader who is new to the subject area by conveying the basic information, without losing its meaning and making it too clear that you have done so.