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PhD Dissertation Editor

Even if you have good knowledge of native language and its styles and standards, it becomes essential to get your work reviewed by a PhD editor. This is because you may leave several small mistakes in your dissertation draft. While it happens due to ignorance or neglect, your mistakes can cost you dearly. Even a single error of language or format can spoil the whole impression your document creates on a reader. Thus, editing by a professional PhD dissertation editor can save you from such troubles and shape your work perfectly.

Editors at Chanakya Tutors have a detailed eye for errors and imperfections. More than an obligation to correct documents, it is their passion to check for errors in order to make your research documents look good and flawless. Editing a PhD thesis is a time-taking yet critical job. If there is even a single mistake left in your thesis, it can jeopardize your chances of attaining the PhD degree. Thus, it is essential to avail help from such editors who have a thorough knowhow of the topic you are covering, as well as of the guidelines prescribed by your university regarding the development of a PhD thesis.

Our editors are proficient in:

  • Recognizing what is missing in passages to make them look complete

  • Locating the wrong usage of punctuation marks

  • Rendering a consistent voice throughout your paper

  • Scanning for grammatical and spelling mistakes

  • Mending factual errors and gaps

  • Looking for formatting issues

  • Structuring your content and making it clear and logical

  • Bringing consistency with the use of headings, sub-headings and fonts, as well as with pagination, spacing, bulleting, and numbering

Hundreds of research candidates have accessed our editing services and achieved superb grades. This is due to the reliable and superlative efforts made by our editors. They have been associated with the best of universities across the world and have worked as editors for reputed journals. Our PhD level editors are dedicated towards their job and make corrections to all types of errors diligently.

Clients can opt for our editing service for their entire thesis or just a part of it. However, we suggest availing the service for all the chapters in order to maintain uniform quality. We check the document manually to ensure that there are no mistakes left. You can also request for a plagiarism check, which we conduct using the latest tools. Your plagiarism report will be provided along with your edited document.

Our professional PhD dissertation editors will not only go on correcting mistakes, but will also help you in learning from your mistakes so you can avoid repeating them. The prices for our PhD dissertation editing service depend on the length of your document, scope of editing, and time provided for editing. You may order for our editing services by simply sending us a request, and we will get back to you within an hour. If you may like, then send us an email at


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