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Explaining the Rationale Behind a Research Methodology

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One of the questions that scholars get asked is why they chose a certain research methodology and did not opt for another method. This can be a commonly asked question if there are two or three well known methodologies in a particular discipline. It can also be a question asked of people if they were to choose an unusual method for their research rather than the generally known ways of collecting information.

This will be a question that the dissertation students have to defend in their viva voce and they will have to defend it in a clever and convincing manner. Many students tend to get confused when this particular question comes up. Some of them turn to methodologists for help.

The methodologists offer many types of assistance and explaining research methodology is one of them. The students are given help and taught to compare different methodologies, and over the course of time are made to understand the nuances of different methodologies. In the company of the methodologist they analyze why one method is better than another method, and how they can express this fact cogently in front of the review board.

Explaining the rationale behind a certain research methodology is essential because if that is not correct then it means that all the data that is collected by the researchers is incorrect. That would bring into question the very basis on which the students have arrived at their conclusions. It is best to sit with the subject matter experts before the project and even during the viva voce preparation to formulate an answer that would impress the university review board. When the interviewers start asking their questions, the students would be in a position to give confident answers as to why they chose a particular approach to their project.

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